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The Foreign Exchange market (Forex or FX for short) is one of the most exciting, fast-paced markets around. Until recently, forex trading in the currency market had been the domain of large Financial Institutions, Corporations, Central Babnks, Hedge Funds and extremely wealthy individuals. The emergence of the internet has changed all of this, and now it is possible for average investors to buy and sell currencies easily with the click of a mouse through online brokerage accounts.

‘Foreign Exchange Market’                                                                                                                                                                                Because the currency markets are large and liquid, they are believed to be the most efficient financial markets. It is important to realize that the foreign exchange market is not a single exchange, but is constructed of a global network of computers that connects participants from all parts of the world.

The market in which participants are able to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies.  Foreign exchange markets are made up of banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, and retail forex brokers and investors. The forex market is considered to be the largest financial market in the world.

The United Kingdom dominates the currency markets worldwide, and London is its main component. London, known as the trading capital of the world, accounts for roughly 34% of global trading, according to a report by IFS London. The city also has a big impact on currency fluctuations because the Bank of England, which sets interest rates and controls the monetary Policy of the GBP, has set up shop in London. Forex trends often originate in London as well, which is a great thing for technical traders to keep in mind.

Daily currency fluctuations are usually very small. Most currency pairs move less than one cent per day, representing a less than 1% change in the value of the currency. This makes foreign exchange one of the least volatile financial markets around. Therefore, many currency speculators rely on the availability of enormous leverage to increase the value of potential movements. In the retail forex market, leverage can be as much as 500:1. Higher leverage can be extremely risky, but because of round-the-clock trading and deep liquidity, foreign exchange brokers have been able to make high leverage an industry standard in order to make the movements meaningful for currency traders.

Why trade forex? 
-      Most liquid and most traded market because it is dealing with money (cash or cash equivalents)
-      Leverage – can control and move a lot of money with a small amount of money
-      Trade is 24 hours a day (ie. when the London market is closing, the New York market is still open, then as the NY         market closes, the Japan market is opening)
-      Market is volatile so the conversion rates are constantly trading, constantly creating opportunities to make money.
-      Low transaction fees/no commissions
-      No fixed lot size, can trade any amount of money

-      For every transaction there is 2 transactions taking place, the selling of one currency for the purchase of another

Have you ever considered a career as a private Foreign Exchange trader?

Here are the 3 key reasons why you should:

  1. You only need a laptop, internet connection, some relatively inexpensive software and professional training to get started.
  2. You can trade from anywhere in the world at any time that suits you
  3. Under current tax laws in the UK all profits are 100% exempt of tax, and there are no commissions or fees if you are trading through a spread betting company.

If you are serious about making money from trading

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Forex-Living Professional Traders use Buy & Sell signal software that make analysis of the markets incredibly simple and easy to trade, allowing us to place trades at the best entry level, whilst knowing when to exit for optimum gain, combined with sound risk management.
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