Legal Information

The Partners and team at Forex-Living would like to make all visitors to our website aware of the following:

Forex Trading is considered a high risk activity compared to other forms of financial investment. We strive to ensure that personal risk is reduced to an absolute minimum, however, we cannot completely eliminate the potential for loss to occur.

The usual statutory warnings apply to Forex Trading.

Forex Trading Disclaimer

Forex-Living does not accept any responsibility whatever for personal or commercial loss arising from activity in Trading Forex in any way that is not in accordance with Forex-Living’s strict training, codes and guidance.

We are unable to manage or control the actions of individuals in relation to trading Forex and therefore shall not be held responsible or liable in any circumstances for errors of judgement made.

Having said that, the Partners and team of Forex-Living are happy to receive your letters of thanks, glowing recommendations and expensive shiny gifts as a token of gratitude for your Forex trading successes, the Forex-Living way.